DYNTEK Expanded Mesh


DYNTEK Expanded Mesh can be used in many applications, including:


•  Window and air-conditioning grilles

•  Walkways and catwalls

•  Anti-glare mesh for road dividers

•  Speaker grilles

•  Air and fuel filters

•  Anti-explosive mesh in vaults and security areas

•  Sunscreen and Insect Screen Mesh


DYNTEK Expanded Mesh is available in various metals, including non-metals, and expanded into varying sizes and shapes.





DYNTEK Expanded Mesh can be manufactured in various thicknesses, strand widths and openings. This provides much flexibility in its applications:


Regulations Of Light, Fluid and Air

By varying the thickness and strand width of DYNTEK Expanded Mesh, the screening of light as well as diffusion of fluid and air flow can be accomplished.


Vision And Sound Control

By correct angling and positioning, DYNTEK Expanded Mesh can be used to obstruct vision (anti-glare or aesthetic purposes) in addition to deflecting sound.


Construction Material Reinforcement

DYNTEK Expanded Mesh serves as an excellent plaster key and increases building strength when embedded in concrete, plaster and glass for construction work.


Increased Heat And Electrical Conductivity

The formation of DYNTEK Expanded Mesh is jointless, which is ideal for conditions where uninterrupted heat flow and electrical conduction is required.


Greater Load Capacity

DYNTEK Expanded Mesh, in unflattened form and with vertically-angled strands, is lighter than sheet metal of the same thickness, while having a greater load capacity.