DYNTEK Angle Bead


DYNTEK Stop Bead (also known as casing bead) is generally used at plaster end of openings and abutments of walls and ceilings. It can be used in a pair (back to back) with a strip of timber batten in between and wire-tied together, to form a control or expansion joint. After plastering, the timber batten is removed for the gap to be either filled with e.g. silicon or left unfilled to create a groove line.


DYNTEK Stop Bead is manufactured from BS 2989: 1982 conforming pre-galvanished steel. In accordance to BS 6452: Part 1: 1984 it has expanded mesh wing on one side and a metal flange on the other, sized to match the plaster thickness. Stainless steel material to BS 1449: Part 2: 1983 Grade 304S15 specifications is also available on request.



Better Quality Finishing

DYNTEK Stop Bead provides cleaner finishing and quality by detail for plastering accuracy. It also hides the crackline between the plaster and the adjacent material with a specially designed bend at the top of the flange.